Custom Website

The epicenter of your online recruiting efforts is your recruiting website. At REDcareers, we believe brilliant design is non-negotiable. We work hard to make every single pixel a work of art. And, with two different setup packages, you can determine exactly how your site is customized.

Automatic Updates

Hardly a week goes by when KW isn't announcing a new public event (RED Day, Family Reunion), a new technical initiative (myMobile App, eEdge), or winning a new award (JD Power & Associates). Whenever this happens, your site will automatically be updated with the new information. Your site is always fresh, and you never have to lift a finger.

Personal Domain

What's the web address for your personalized recruiting website? It's entirely up to you. We'll provide you with a domain, and you can purchase any available domain to use in your own marketing and recruiting.

REDcareers Keller Williams Custom Recruiting Websites

Drip Campaigns

Anytime a new lead signs up on your website, they are enlisted in an email drip campaign, which periodically reminds them of the advantages of a career at Keller Williams. The system manages itself seamlessly and automatically, so you never have to deal with unsubscribes or replies.

Automatic Follow-Up

The best thing about drip campaigns is that they run automatically; there is literally no maintenance on your end. When a new lead fills out the lead capture form on your site, the drip campaign begins automatically and runs to completion.

Continuing Education

Each drip campaign email is designed to further educate prospects about the unique aspects of a career at Keller Williams. We cover everything from commission structure to office culture, so new leads become continually more informed and excited about a career at Keller Williams. See the drip campaigns.


Agent Recruiters

With REDcareers Agent, you can provide personalized recruiting websites to every agent at your market center, so they can help you find and qualify leads.

Exponential Lead Generation

By enlisting every agent at your market center in the recruiting process, your lead potential multiplies exponentially. Instead of one website generating leads, you can have dozens of websites generating leads--all funneling into your email inbox.

Automatic Social Networking

REDcareers Agent comes with a custom Facebook application that connects each agent's recruiting website to their Facebook page. Whenever new recruiting-based articles are posted to their personal sites, their friends are notified and encouraged to learn more about a career at Keller Williams. Learn more here.

Online Ad Channels

Online Ads

To generate a constant stream of high quality leads, we post new ads specific to your market center every single day at all of the top job posting sites, search engines, and social networks. Between Craigslist, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Google, and Facebook (to name a few), we ensure that you have the largest online footprint possible, and a steady stream of high quality leads from diverse sources.

Front Page SEO

We settle for nothing less than full-spectrum front-page dominance on every search engine. Our unique and effective SEO techniques allow us to index a single website multiple times on the front page of every single relevant Google search. Learn more here.

Multiple Ad Channels

Each ad platform requires a different approach. Since we have long-term experience with each of these platforms, we have carefully constructed ad-posting strategies that ensure you are getting the most foot traffic and highest quality leads available.

Online Ad Channels

Lead Boost

When it comes to online leads, you can never have too many. REDcareers has partnered with, the #1 online employment website in the nation to bring you even more leads than ever before.

1 + 1 + 1 = WOW

Keller Williams is the #1 real estate brokerage in North America, with over 100,000 agents. REDcareers is the #1 online recruiting solution in the KW family, generating more than 100,000 agent leads per year. Careerbuilder is the #1 online employment website in the United States, with more than 24 million unique visitors every month. Put these three recruiting giants together and the results are amazing. Never before has a real estate company had access to so many high quality leads through a single integrated solution.

Seamless Integration

The beauty of the partnership between REDcareers and Careerbuilder is that it requires no additional setup or maintenance for you. Once activated, Careerbuilder Lead Boost automatically delivers a brand new stream of new agent leads directly to your REDcareers website. Each lead is filtered through the exact same system as your existing REDcareers leads, ensuring your Careerbuilder leads are automatically included in your lead reports, drip campaigns, and appointment scheduling.

REDcareers + Careerbuilder Lead Boost
REDcareers Keller Williams Custom Recruiting Websites

Leads In Your Inbox

When new leads fill out the form on your website, you instantly receive an email with their most vital information, so you can strike while the iron is hot.

Weekly Lead Reports

Every week, you receive a spreadsheet report of all lead data collected in the last week. This data can be easily imported into eEdge, Outlook, or any other database program, allowing you to keep a running log of every lead collected through REDcareers wherever it's most convenient for you.

Unlimited Support

As a REDcareers client, you're never alone. We take great joy in helping our clients navigate the unique opportunities and obstacles that accompany their recruiting efforts. The answer is always "yes." Now, let us know the question.

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Free 30 Day Trial

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