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RED Day 2017

Posted on April 19, 2017

Introduced in 2009, RED Day, which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate, is Keller Williams Realty's annual day of service. Each year on the second Thursday of May, associates celebrate Mo Anderson's birthday by spending the day away from their businesses serving worthy organizations and causes in their communities. RED Day is just another example of our commitment to each other and to the cities and towns where we live and work. Join us!

5 House Hunting Blunders to Help Your Buyer Clients Avoid

Posted on March 20, 2017

As real estate professionals, we’re tasked with guiding our clients through the often complex process of the real estate transaction. Sure, it’s an exciting time, but it’s also a major financial commitment and likely the biggest investment anyone will ever make. Not only is it our job to make sure that our buyer clients make all the right moves, it’s also our responsibility to do what we can to help them avoid making mistakes that could cost them. 

Here are some common mistakes that buyers making when on the prowl for a new home, and what you can do to help steer them in the right direction. 

How to Snag a Client at Your Open House

Posted on March 8, 2017

Open houses are just one of the many things that real estate professionals do to help market their clients’ homes and increase their exposure. But open houses don’t just benefit the seller - they also provide real estate agents with the opportunity to reach potential new clients.

But your approach can make or break your efforts to lock down leads and convert them into bonafide clients. If you’re too passive, you may miss the chance to snag a potential client. On the other hand, if you come across as too pushy, you could drive away clients that may actually be in need of real estate services.

How to Optimize Your Real Estate Website to Drive More Leads

Posted on February 9, 2017

These days, a website for your business is an absolute must-have. With the vast majority of buyers and sellers taking to the internet to embark on their real estate journey, it’s critical that you not only have a website, but that it’s appropriately set up and regularly tweaked. 

The idea is obviously to drive as much traffic to your website and convert as many users into bonafide leads as you can. In order to do that, your website will need to be optimized accordingly. Here are 5 ways to adjust your website to send more real leads your way.

5 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Capitalize on in 2017

Posted on January 3, 2017

It’s a new year, which provides the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at your real estate marketing strategies. What’s working can stay and perhaps even be strengthened, and what’s not working should be tossed by the wayside. As time passes, more innovative ways of marketing will emerge, providing real estate professionals with more effective means to spread the word about their services.

If you’re looking to vamp up your marketing efforts, consider one of the following real estate marketing trends of 2017.

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